iLearnFacts - Mammals App Reviews

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Good but.....

Please put in skunks we need to know about these without learning the hard way!

Very informative

Disagree with other reviews here. It is very informative app... My kids love to use this app...

Awful grammar and usage make this a terrible app

This app bills itself as a learning tool for children, but it's grammar and usage are so terrible that no one in their formative years should ever use it, lest they think this is how english is spoken. Seriously, send your text to an editor before you waste your time creating apps that are this awful.

App with educational value.

Worth the money. Being a working mom of two kids, I enjoyed playing this app for my kids. My 6 year old & 3 year old easily navigate through the app without assistance & enjoy the facts presented. I loved the color schema of the app & icons of each mammal. I cant wait for the author to add more to his collection ( like fishes, dynasaurs..etc)